GA Natural Gas Rates – Updated Price Comparison

December 13th, 2011

We’ve done the research to make finding the best GA Natural Gas Rates easy.  The table below shows the top Georgia natural gas providers and their current rates.  This information was gathered [3/20/12 -UPDATED] 12/13/11 during a search to find the cheapest natural gas rate for residential service.

Keep in mind, the GA natural gas prices below are based on becoming a new customers.  Some of the natural gas promo codes might not apply if you are already a customer of the provider.

 GA Natural Gas Rates Comparison – Updated 3/20/12

Georgia Gas Providers6 Month Fixed Rate12 Month Fixed RateVariable RateMonthly Service ChargeNatural Gas Promotion Code
Georgia Natural Gas$0.529$0.529$0.749$4.99 - $9.99EASY
SCANA Energy$0.529$0.519$0.399$5.955CODE or 6 & 12 month deal use code: NTD
Fireside Natural Gas$0.570$0.560$0.870$5.95
Gas South$0.550$0.630$0.970$5.95-$9.95SAVE
Infinite Energy$0.549$0.499$0.889$5.95FALL2011
EMC Natural Gas$0.572$0.593$0.906$5.75

The current best natural gas prices are as follows: For a 6 month fixed rate plan go with Georgia Natural Gas at $0.529 per therm, for a 12 month fixed rate plan Fireside Natural Gas leads with a low $0.560 per therm, and for a variable rate plan EMC Natural Gas comes in with $0.909. Don’t forget to take into account monthly service charges, which can many times be waived for new customers and old customers who renew their contracts.

The GA natural gas rates for all these companies are constantly changing. Don’t always get caught up in switching providers to save a few pennies on the dollar. Beware of the Atlanta Gas Light switch fee which you will be charged for changing providers more than once in a 12 month period.

Additional tips to get the best natural gas prices can be found here.

Which is Better – Variable or Fixed Rate Plans?

December 12th, 2011

GA Natural GasAlways compare providers, service and gas rates for Georgia natural gas. You have to be very cautious with ever increasing costs. Georgia’s market for natural gas has been open to competition since 1997, and some residents of Georgia still don’t know that they have the right to choose.

Perhaps the greatest barriers that deregulation faces are the misconceptions that it is difficult to change GA Natural gas providers.  Its not!

Because of these barriers only some providers are controlling the majority of the natural gas market in Georgia. If more residents of Georgia made use of their right to choose, then the market would not be dominated by only a few providers of natural gas and the GA natural gas prices would be even lower.

Even though other factors are present, with real competition, providers will be willing to lower their rates and prices for natural gas and offer more valuable incentives to residents.

Fixed or Variable rates
By changing providers and comparing the rates and benefits offered by the two, Georgia residents can control the prices and rates of their natural gas.

There is another major decision that you have to make prior to comparing providers or natural gas rates in Georgia. Essentially, there are two types of rate plans from which residents can presently choose – variable and fixed.

Variable Rate
Put simply, it is the present prices or rates of the market that the providers of natural gas in Georgia charges customers. In general terms, these rates may be moderately competitive. However, flexibility is what this plan mostly has to offer.

With a variable rate plan, no quarterly or yearly contract is required and you have the right to put an end to your service and check out the prices of other providers of natural gas in Georgia whenever you want without cancellation of fees or penalties.

The unpredictability of the price of natural gas is sometimes a problem. Remember that similar to crude oil or gasoline, natural gas is also an international commodity that is traded and external factors can increase the prices and rates of natural gas.

The difference between variable and fixed rates
With a fixed rate plan, resident can get a specific rate which lasts for several months. This allows for possible security and stability, and despite the variation in the market up or down, your rate will not be increased or lowered.

Normally, fixed rates can be locked for 6 months to 12 months. Remember, however, that if you have a locked in fixed rate plan you are obligated by contract to keep your service with that specific provider. If you terminate your service with that provider they will charge a hefty cancellation fee for breaking your contract with them.

Its important to remember, no one knows what natural gas rates are going to do.  Therefore, there is no precise answer for every household. You should measure the advantages against the disadvantages of the two types of rate plans for natural gas and keep in mind the conditions of the seasons.

So Which is Better Variable or Fixed Rate Plans?
Typically, you’ll find the lowest rates with the 6 month fixed plan.  The next cheapest gas price will normally be the 12 month fixed rate plan.  The highest natural gas price will obviously be a variable rate plan.

So, it comes down to your needs as to which is the best plan.  If you plan on moving in the next few months, then the variable rate plan will be the way to go.  However, if you’re looking for the best deal and you’re concerned that natural gas prices will be going up soon, then pick the 12 month rate plan.  But if you just want the cheapest natural gas price, then the 6 month fixed plan is the one for you!

Georgia Natural Gas Rates – Why Our Prices Are Competitve

December 3rd, 2011

The market for Georgia natural gas has been deregulated in order to foster competition and better quality service.  This led to a reduction in  the costs paid by customers. By deregulating the market, customers no longer have to rely on just one provider of natural gas that is designated to their area. Instead, they have the option to select the company they wish to service their homes, and they have the chance to look around and find a price that suits their budget.

The deregulation of natural gas in Georgia is applied exclusively to AGLC (Atlanta Gas Light Company) area of service. Therefore, only the residents who live in the service area of AGLC are affected by the deregulation of Georgia natural gas.

The deregulation of Georgia natural gas started with the passing of Senate Bill 215 by Georgia Legislature and then enacted into law in the year 1997 by Governor Zell Miller. Deregulation officially began on the 1st of July, 1998. Through this legislation, AGLC is allowed to store and allocate natural gas and its facilities (storage facilities, pipelines and other such services for support) as well as to market the selling of it to customers. The function of administering the deregulation of gas is bestowed on the Georgia Public Service Commission. On the 1st of September, 2002, House Bill 1568 came into effect and the PSC was charged with the implementation of rules which expanded the rights of consumers.

Natural gas is mostly made up of methane. It may be found in coal beds, other fossil fuels, as methane clathrates, and it is made by methanogenic organisms found in landfills, marshes and bogs. It is an important source of fuel, a powerful greenhouse gas, and a primary feedstock for fertilizers.

Before using natural gas in Georgia as a source of fuel, it is first extensively processed in order to eliminate all materials apart from methane. Propane, ethane, pentanes, butanes, and hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, elemental sulphur, water vapor and at times nitrogen and helium are all by-products of the processing.  “Gas” is informally used to refer to natural gas, particularly when it is compared to other sources of energy like coal or oil.

Changing Providers of Georgia Natural Gas

It has never been easier for you to change your service provider and save some money. Whether you are moving to another house and want to change providers or you are just not satisfied with your present providers, checking online is the ideal place for connecting your service of Georgia natural gas and other services that are essential to the home. Steer clear of telephone hassles and waiting times, order your natural gas services switched directly from your computer.

Why Switch Georgia natural gas providers?

The questions is easy.  People switch to:
Lower my natural gas bill.
Get a low-priced, fixed rate plan and stop worrying over increasing prices of gas.
Get better customer service from their gas company

For a detailed price table, take a look at our GA natural gas rates comparison page.

GA Natural Gas

November 22nd, 2011

GA Natural Gas and Atlanta Gas Light

GA Natrual Gas

Georgia is one of a handful of states that have active natural gas utility service. This means that you can choose which GA natural gas provider with whom you do business. Atlanta Gas Light is the distributor of Georgia natural gas. They maintain and connect all gas lines to your home and they would be the ones to call for any emergencies. If you want to start or stop service for your Georgia natural gas, you should call Atlanta Gas Light. However, they do not sell the gas to you directly. It is the job of gas marketers or service providers to sell the gas to you.

Deregulated GA Natural Gas Rates

Georgia natural gas deregulation lessens the amount of government restrictions and oversight applied to the private GA natural gas providers. This has resulted in competition between providers ultimately lowering the cost to you, the consumer.

The Different GA Natural Gas Offers

There are several things you should take into account when choosing a Georgia Natural Gas Provider. Atlanta Gas Light provides a great list of questions to ask yourself when making this decision.

General Questions

  • Does the Georgia Public Service Commission certify you?
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
  • If so, what are the terms and length of the contract?
  • Is there a fee for canceling the contract?

Customer Service

  • Whom do I call for questions about my bill?
  • Do you have 24-hour customer service? If not, what are your customer service hours?
  • What is your bill-dispute policy?
  • Do you have local walk-in offices?
  • Whom do I call if I have trouble with service?

Charges and Billing

  • Will I be charged a deposit or upfront costs?
  • What are your pricing terms?
  • What are your rates? Are they fixed or do they vary?
  • What are your payment terms?
  • When and how often do you bill?
  • Will I be charged if I switch marketers?
  • How often can I change marketers?

Other Services

  • What consumer services do you offer in addition to GA gas sales?
  • Do you offer:
    –  A budget payment plan?
    –  Online bill paying?
    –  Paying by automatic bank draft?
    –  Discounts for seniors?


GA Natural Gas Prices

The price of Georgia natural gas is probably going to be at the top of your list when choosing a provider. There are two main types of plans that most providers offer.

Variable rate: When you sign up for a variable rate plan, your price will fluctuate with the market. The current price of GA natural gas and the cost of transporting is subject to wide variation and can be changed without notice to you. These prices are consistently more than fixed plans; however you do not have to lock in the rate with a contract.

Fixed rate: For a fixed rate price you must lock in your rate for 6 to 12 months, but as long as 24 months in some cases.  The prices are generally lowest at 12 month rates; however, locking in at 6 month rates can help if you sync your plan with the seasons.

The rates are charged by therm, which is a unit of heat energy. Watch out for hidden charges like monthly service fees, exit fees for leaving fixed rate plans early, and automatic enlisting in variable rate plans at the end of a fixed rate contract.


The following is a complete list of GA natural gas providers.

SCANA Energy Regulated Division

Commerce Energy

Coweta-Fayette EMC Natural Gas

FireSide Natural Gas

Gas South

Georgia Natural Gas Services

Infinite Energy Inc.


SCANA Energy

Stream Energy

Walton EMC Natural Gas